Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour India
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours India
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Buddhism is a religion based on teachings and guidence by Lord Buddha ( Siddharth Gautama ) , Meaning of buddha is The person who is Awakened , Lord Buddha taught and lived in between 6th & 4th Centuaries BCE.

Theravada ( Schools of Elders) & Mahayana ( Great Vehicle) are two major branches of Buddhism. Srilanka & South East Asia has Theravada Buddhism widely spreded religion and Mahayana Buddhism is spred in East Asia.

There are 350 to 500 million followers of Buddhism in whole world.

Lord Buddha ( Siddharth Gautam ) was prince of Shakya dynasty who was born at Lumbini, Buddhism is major religion in countries like Sri Lanka, China , Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Buddhism's main objective is to end the suffering of cyclic existence by awakening a being to realisation of Truth & achievement of libration, As per Buddhist Doctrine there is only one way to reach destination of reality that one has to purify the mind & heart and also train them as per laws of Karma to purify the soul. Buddhism has five perceptions, Eightfold Path, & 4 Noble Truths.

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